Extreme makeover!

Long time no see, right? Well, the prolonged radio silence is due to a) the massive amount of work I'm currently ploughing through, and b) Wordpress going bonkers. In short, I just got fed up with needing to fix everything after each update, so I packed my gear and headed here over to Squarespace. Let's hope this works out.

The site still needs a little work here and there but hey, at least it's up. All in all I'm looking forward to trying to get more material together for you guys, so bear with me. A lot of you have been requesting process vids or tutorials, so yeah, I'm looking into that. In the meantime, I'll try and get everything here working more or less as I want it to, and focus on the actual work I have at the moment. This being the weekly strips + the gigantic Suomen ihmisten historia project, which I'll share some previews of soon!

I also migrated the store from Tictail on the same go. I actually really liked their product and service, but I hope to be able to handle everything from here now on. In addition, I felt Squarespace has a better way of handling shipping prices and etc, so that has been revamped to benefit you guys. Anyhow, take a look around, hope you enjoy the new site!

All best, take care!

Belzebubs and etc.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! It's been a busy year, and I've done my best to simply keep my head down and continue working and meeting deadlines, trying to finish these longterm freelance gigs so I can focus on my own projects again. Seriously though, it's been so long I don't know where to start, so I'll cut corners and just focus on the main issue here, Belzebubs. Belzebubs is a trve kvlt docvmentary in comic strip format, which sprang to life a year ago, as I began improvising little strips and gags for Inktober. I had a fun time doing something more loose and rough, and due to the positive feedback from you guys I thought I'd revisit this project later on. Now it's evolved into a weekly webcomic, published via my social media accounts, Belzebubs.com and the project's Facebook page. The strip is currently running on Ilta-Sanomat as a daily strip this October, so keep your eyes peeled, guys!

We published small, limited mini-comics (both in Finnish and English) with Kumiorava for the festivals this Autumn, and the feedback was heartwarming. The Finnish version is already sold out and I believe I have around seven books left of the English edition. So thank you so much for the superb welcome we've received with Belzebubs. I've been having a blast with these dudes, so I'm happy to see that translate over to you.

More updates following soon, I have some other news to announce, too. Take care!

Tampere kuplii 19.–20.3.

tamperekuplii_10v_logo Sommoro! Koetan tässä parannella lenssuni ja saada itseni taas iskukuntoon Tampere kuplii -tapahtumaa silmällä pitäen. Ohjelmaahan piisaa heti keskiviikosta lähtien, joten kannattaa tiirailla tapahtuman nettisivustoa tai fanitella häppeninkiä Naamakirjassa.

Itse olen tuttuun tapaan paikalla lauantaina ja sunnuntaina päivystelemässä myyntipöydän takana tai turisemassa paneeleissa/haastiksissa. Oma ohjelmani vielä tässä, jos haluatte tulla morjestamaan tai nappaamaan kirjoihin omistuspiirroksia:

Lauantai 19.3.

13.00–14.00: Tampere sarjakuvissa | Haastattelu ja signeeraus Tiitu Takalon kanssa. | Tullintori 15.30–16.30: Signeeraus | Sorsapuistosali

Sunnuntai 20.3.

13.00–14.00: Villimpi Pohjola – Valomerkki | Opus 4 14.00–15.00: Signeeraus | Sorsapuistosali 15.00–16.00: Sarjakuvataiteilija aktivistina | Paneeli Tiitu Takalon ja Emmi Niemisen kanssa. | Studio

Muina aikoina hyörin 90 % todennäköisyydellä myyntipöydän takana Sorsapuistosalissa (klo 10–18). Ja tosiaan muistutuksena vielä, että tänä vuonna kymmenen vuoden ikään tullut tapahtuma kuplii Tampere-talossa. Nähellään viikonloppuna siis!