what tools
do I use?

Currently I'm working more or less digitally all the way. This doesn't mean I wouldn't pick up analog tools when necessary, it's just due to the projects at hand, I guess. I doodle on my old 21" Cintiq, mainly using Adobe Photoshop (sometimes Illustrator or Indesign, when needed). I have a wide array of cool Photoshop brushes, but honestly use just three that I've made myself. :P I share a studio space (Kaiku) with other freelancers.

do I have tutorials?

If you're looking for some kind of a guru, you've stumbled upon the wrong site, my friend. However, I receive this request so often that I've started to give this some serious thought. Check back later, I'll try and cook something up for you fellas. In the meantime, feel free to check out this time-lapse video I made just for fun:

commissions and etc:

Sure, I take commissions, IF I can squeeze them in my schedule. This usually means booking three to six months in advance. Please don't ask me to do pro bono stuff, I have four mouths to feed and bills to pay, too. ;)