Extreme makeover!

Long time no see, right? Well, the prolonged radio silence is due to a) the massive amount of work I'm currently ploughing through, and b) Wordpress going bonkers. In short, I just got fed up with needing to fix everything after each update, so I packed my gear and headed here over to Squarespace. Let's hope this works out.

The site still needs a little work here and there but hey, at least it's up. All in all I'm looking forward to trying to get more material together for you guys, so bear with me. A lot of you have been requesting process vids or tutorials, so yeah, I'm looking into that. In the meantime, I'll try and get everything here working more or less as I want it to, and focus on the actual work I have at the moment. This being the weekly strips + the gigantic Suomen ihmisten historia project, which I'll share some previews of soon!

I also migrated the store from Tictail on the same go. I actually really liked their product and service, but I hope to be able to handle everything from here now on. In addition, I felt Squarespace has a better way of handling shipping prices and etc, so that has been revamped to benefit you guys. Anyhow, take a look around, hope you enjoy the new site!

All best, take care!