Belzebubs and etc.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately! It's been a busy year, and I've done my best to simply keep my head down and continue working and meeting deadlines, trying to finish these longterm freelance gigs so I can focus on my own projects again. Seriously though, it's been so long I don't know where to start, so I'll cut corners and just focus on the main issue here, Belzebubs. Belzebubs is a trve kvlt docvmentary in comic strip format, which sprang to life a year ago, as I began improvising little strips and gags for Inktober. I had a fun time doing something more loose and rough, and due to the positive feedback from you guys I thought I'd revisit this project later on. Now it's evolved into a weekly webcomic, published via my social media accounts, and the project's Facebook page. The strip is currently running on Ilta-Sanomat as a daily strip this October, so keep your eyes peeled, guys!

We published small, limited mini-comics (both in Finnish and English) with Kumiorava for the festivals this Autumn, and the feedback was heartwarming. The Finnish version is already sold out and I believe I have around seven books left of the English edition. So thank you so much for the superb welcome we've received with Belzebubs. I've been having a blast with these dudes, so I'm happy to see that translate over to you.

More updates following soon, I have some other news to announce, too. Take care!