Better late than never, as they say, I guess. I finally got around to going through my photos from SDCC 09, so here's the first post. It was a blast hanging out with the Flight crew once again, as the atmosphere is welcoming, easy going and fun. This year's Comic-Con was fun, yet quite tiring, as I was badly jetlagged for the first few days. I have to admit I was pretty lazy with the camera this time around, as Bannister was shooting pics like a pro. 


The Flight table was lined up with all sorts of goodies, once again. This year our booth was right next to the big guys, Marvel, DC, etc., so it was interesting to see the Con from another perspective.



Richard and Amy chatting to people. You can get a glimpse of the absurdity by checking out all the people on the aisles behind the table.



And it's no SDCC without the costumes! Meet the Fetts. These guys should start a jazz band. They're dressed to kill, man.



This pic was taken around 8 am, before the attendees were allowed indoors. It was nice to be able to have a walk around inside, see the stands and booths without all the hassle.



Snake-Eyes. Why isn't this guy in the movie?! His costume is kick-ass compared to the seabass version I've seen on the trailers... :D



Kean Soo doodling a Jellaby for a happy fan.



Bannister signing books. I bet it was a quiche again.



The best part of contributing in an anthology is probably the signing. The customers walked away with some pretty cool improvised collages and artwork once again. Hope you enjoyed them, guys! We sure had fun.

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