Pure Reason Revolution: The Dark Third

This is basically off-topic, but I've been listening to this album a lot lately and I'd just like to share it with you. I stumbled across Pure Reason Revolution via Morow.com and was quite fascinated by their ethereal sound. To my surprise, I found the album from my local record store, Swamp Music. I was also really surprised learning that the Dark Third is their debut.

The record starts off with Aeropause, an instrumental piece, which instantly sets the surreal mood and makes you wait almost six minutes for the first vocals to kick in. And it works, the build up is nice and shows off the Brit's skills in every area, ranging from beautiful clean guitars to the heavier riffs. It reminds me of what Mew did with And the Glass Handed Kites first liner, Circuitry of the Wolf, giving little hints of the album, what's to be expected later on.

All in all PRR delivers a beautiful concept album about the thin line between wakefulness and dreaming. I don't know how I'd describe the music, but it reminds me of Pink Floyd in their better days, Hidria Spacefolk, Porcupine Tree and Kingston Wall. Actually astral folk might be a good term for it. I like the fact that PRR have put electric samples, programming and orchestral instruments into such good use. They all add depth to the music yet don't disturb the experience.

I highly recommend getting the double disc version (although I'm not sure there even is a single disc version), since the second disc also includes some real gems with slightly rawer material. It's hard to pick single favourites from the album, as it needs to be viewed more as a single piece than as individual pieces. Nonetheless, Bullits Dominae, the Bright Ambassadors of Morning and the Twyncyn / Trembling Willows just hit the spot for me.

I highly recommend the Dark Third to all music lovers like myself, who are not that fixed on specific genres or enjoy the likes of Porcupine Tree, Elbow or progressive, avantgarde music in general. I'm really looking forward to what PRR produce next, although they can take their time, I'm still digesting the Dark Third.

EnglishJP Ahonen