Tutorials: Extract grayscale image


Alrighty then, so next up I want to prepare a grayscale image for coloring so that I'll be able to do my flats underneath the original and have control over the line, grays, etc.

I begin with the scanned, cleaned image already in CMYK, and copy the whole canvas (CMND+A, CMND+C).

I then create a new Channel, which by default is named as Alpha 1.

Easy enough, I then paste the image on the Alpha 1 Channel, and invert the image (CMND+I).

I head over to Layers, and erase the image from the background, puff!

After that, I make a new layer, where the original image will go.

I go to Select > Load Selection, and choose the Alpha Channel from the dropdown menu.

This makes a selection from the original grayscale artwork we have sitting around on the Alpha 1 Channel.

I then fill the selection with Edit > Fill > Foreground Color (CMND+F5), and deselect the selection.

And well...there you have it, I guess.