Tusen tack, Seriefestivalen!

seriefestivalen2I'm a little late for the game but I've simply been swamped after getting back from Sweden. The Stockholm International Comic Festival was a blast, and I must thank all the staff, fellow artists, exhibitors, volunteers and, of course, the attendees for making the weekend as fun as it was. I still feel very humbled to have been invited, and can't thank the organizers and my Swedish publisher Cobolt enough.

seriefestivalen I was also really taken to see Perkeros get a warm welcome in Sweden, and I'm looking forward to coming back for the Göteborg Book Fair. You'll find more of these beautiful photos from the festivals on Serieteket's Facebook page (© Makan E-Rahmati) and a small news insert on SVT.

seriefestivalen3 To sum things up: Thanks, hope to see you again soon.