Thank you SDCC 2008!

Jah! Dat felt gut! Ahm back from Calehfornia, kits! (Can you hear the bad Schwarzenegger imitation?)

Seriously, we just arrived from California on Monday with Marjaana and needless to say, we're slightly jetlagged. The trip back took around 30 hours, and the time difference was 10 hours, so my apologies if I'm not making that much sense at the moment. Anyways, the trip went well (despite the trip to the ER, your regular earthquakes and drive-by-shootings) and the Comic-Con was simply stunning: the amount of comics, all the dressed up nerds (sorry), and the awesome Flight crew made me feel like it was Christmas already.


Scott Campbell's little illo for us. So awesome.


Hilarious. To me, at least.


We arrived in San Diego early Thursday morning, got a little sleep, ate breakfast and wandered to our booth. It was hectic madness from the very start, as we were jetlagged and a little spaced-out, just getting accustomed to the whole Con idea, yet immediately having books in front of our noses for signing. It was truly one of those sink-or-swim situations. :) Anyway, it was of course weird to see many of the people you've "known" online for years, finally in 3D in front of your face! But it was also surprising how fast you adapted to the situation. It was like meeting old school buddies or something. Seriously, a big thank you for all the Flight and Nucleus crew for making us feel right at home.

Marjaana and I have a couple of hundred photos to go through, so I'm just posting a few now and handing over this link to Tim Ganter's website, where you'll find video footage from the Con. Speaking of Tim, I must also thank Tim, Sunni, Amy and Kazu for helping us out with everything, for their heartwarming hospitality and immense generosity! You are one awesome bunch, I miss you guys already!

And we're still not even with you... just wait till we settle the score. ;)

Tim's videos feature some fun material from behind the booth, including the Tyrkisk Peber tasting (come on, fellas, it ain't that bad..). At least Scott McCloud took it like a man. :D (I love Tony's comment - which you can hardly hear, though - at around 3:20 min: "Comic-Con newsflash! Scott McCloud throws up all over the Flight table")

The videos are an excellent way of capturing the atmosphere at the booth, so have a look! It's always a little weird seeing yourself on screen, though, moving and talking... Sheesh, I sound like Mickey Mouse.

Anyhoo, enjoy the videos for now, I'll keep you updated as soon as I get my pics organised. Oh yeah, and Ink Retrospect is finally available for online purchase!

Thanks for everyone that stopped by the booth at SDCC! You rock!

FlightJP Ahonen