SDCC 2011

The good old San Diego Comic-Con madness begins tomorrow, as the Flight convoy drives down from LA. I must say the final book looks amazing and the stories are super solid, so I can warmly recommend it. We're definitely going out on a high note.

I know I've said this a ton of times, but I still feel honoured and overwhelmed being amongst all the artists. It's weird, really. I still remember buying the first volume and the excitement — this book has all the artists I'm following online! Then all of a sudden you're friends with all of them, hanging around in on the other side of the globe. Just feels funny. Yet really cosy and welcoming, thanks to the warm hospitality and laid-back atmosphere.

I guess life is just as random as it feels. You never know where you end up. The end of Flight is an end of an era, and of course raises many questions regarding the future (on a personal basis, I mean). But Flight has also answered a few. I still don't know what tomorrow holds in store, but I have a better understanding of where I'd like to land.

Let's have ourselves a great convention, right fellas? Come join in the fun and say hi to us, you'll find us from booth 2235! It was one hell of ride and we're happy you were onboard with us. :) See you there!

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