Perkeros @ the CBBD

brysseli03Times have been a little hectic, but I managed to sort out some of the photos from the Perkeros exhibit in the Belgian Comic Strip Center. You'll find the material on the Finnish Comics webpage. I was truly sorry fellow scriptwriter KP couldn't make it, but we attended the exhibition opening with my family. Thanks again to all the parties involved who made this happen. I was truly overwhelmed by the opening and did my best not to get all mushy and emotional (#fail), but well… this book really is a labor of love.

I was also a bit worried how I'd be able to chat about the book in English, but the interviews we're surprisingly fun and laid-back. A big thanks to all the journalists for making me feel at home. I especially liked the interview for Le Gant de Toilette radio program (beginning at around 19:18 if you wish to skip Ghost of Perdition ;) ) and the surprise visit by a Chinese TV-crew(?).

brysseli12 Brussels really treated us well, and I can't wait to go back soon. If you're in the neighborhood, please check out the exhibit at the CBBD. It's there till mid-June. Thanks for all the love and support we've received from the French readers so far! You're fueling us forward, seriously. All the best, talk to you soon.