My Average Wednesday

vimeo So, I guess I ventured into moving pictures now… I've played around with this idea for a long time, but just haven't made the effort. Last Wednesday morning I simply decided that this day is as good as any, set up my iPhone and a time-lapse taking screenshots of my screen. The video was made just for shits & grins and intended as an experiment, so don't expect anything fancy. Many of you have been asking for a tutorial of some kind (this isn't one), but the video does offer a glimpse behind the scenes.



What the flick is missing, though, is the actual scriptwriting phase (which I did the previous evening). However, it might not be that interesting to see me whack my head against the wall, whimper and curl up in a carpet in fast-forward. ;) I'll spare you this.

The editing was done in a couple of hours, also with my iPhone simply using iMovie and Gravie. The score is by Cloudkicker (What It Is Impossible Not to Know and What It Is No Longer Permissible To Believe in the United States).

Hope you enjoy it, fellas. I had fun fooling around with it. :)

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