Long time no post

Yeah, I've been a little lazy lately. But with good excuse, I hope. I've been working around the clock, both as a graphic artist in Aamulehti and an illustrator/comic geek at home. I'm currently working on three short stories (all about 6-8 pages in length), Northern Overexposure and a few freelance illustrations. The short stories are still for my eyes only, but I can show you some of the pieces I've done for Aamulehti during the past couple of months. A crossover between information graphics and illustration, this one is a wrap-up of all the goals that were made in the previous World Championships: where they were made from, at what time, with which leg etc.

An illustration for an article about detective novellists.

An information graphic about tattoos. Photo by Rami Hanafi.

An illo about cameo-roles.

Thanks for taking a peek. I'd also like to remind you lot that Comic-co has been updated again, this time by Hannu Kyyriäinen - have a look!