Hey You Guys Charity

Hey you guys, check out Hey You Guys Charity, a small group of artists, friends and family who want to make a change by keeping art education in schools! As professional artists who've benefited from art education, we're raising money for Donors Choose, a program that helps teachers keep the arts alive in schools, by auctoning some pretty awesome art we've created for the event. This year's theme is movies that inspired your youth, and we're screening Ghostbusters at the Hey You Guys Charity event.

The silent auction begins today, so by all means start bidding on your favourite pieces! :) There's some pretty awesome art again this year, and I feel so privileged to be involved with my Indiana Jones themed piece. It felt pretty cool to dig out the good old colour pencils, pastels and watercolours again... Chilled monkey brain, anyone?


The event itself is taking place December the 5th at the historic Rialto Theater in South Pasadena, CA. The doors will open around 6 pm and the film will begin at 7 pm, so drop by if you're anywhere near the area. And man, go check out the art.

EnglishJP Ahonen