Caged in the studio

Since I've mostly been swamped in the studio lately, I thought I might as well show where I spend the most of my days. Seriously, I've gotten a huge amount of stuff done, that's for sure, but I'm really looking forward to slowing the pace down a little. Anyhoo, Grafia magazine featured this pic (click to enlarge) and article of my workspace in the December issue but I'll translate it for you fellas here.workspace

  1. Computer: I'm using a Powerbook G4 from a couple of years back, attached to a 23 inch monitor. So far I've been pretty satisfied with the performance.
  2. Slippers: It's a little chilly at the studio during the winter, so being the sissy that I am, they're a must.
  3. CD collection: Most of my cd's are at home but since music has an enormous impact on workflow, I'm trying to keep a sufficient collection by the office as well. I'm pretty omnivorous regarding music, so you'll basically find everything from jazz to metal, soundtracks to electronica and etc here. 
  4. Ironhide: I admit, I'm a total brat. The Transformers were pretty much the coolest thing when I grew up, so naturally I had to get one of the toys from the new movie. In my defense, I must state that I'm not the only one playing with toys at the office. Jouni has two. We play on Fridays.
  5. Drawing board: Marjaana's father built this for me. The angle is perfect and has actually helped with my neck pains.
  6. Partition wall: The partition works also as a moodboard of some sort. I'm collecting cards, posters, fan art and other stuff for inspiration. There's a small gap left open so we can exchange ideas with Janne-Matti, who works on the other side.
  7. Worry Dolls sketches: At the time of the interview, I was busy sketching and inking Worry Dolls for Flight vol. 5. :)